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Bull & Bear
Asset Management Program

Select Portfolio Management, Inc. offers a Bull & Bear asset management program.

This program is based on the proprietary bull & bear model which has been exclusively developed by Select Portfolio Management, Inc. for its clientele with the primary goal of increasing the market value of the assets under management regardless of the direction of the market.

The bull & bear model is designed with the goal of identifying market trends and taking advantage of periods of market advances by taking a long position in funds mirrored to the S & P 500 index and the NASDAQ 100 index. During periods of market weakness, the model takes a short position while using the same types of funds. The model can also take a long or short position of a fund that mirrors the price movement of the 30- year treasury bond and a neutral strategy consisting of money market investing is used during a sideways market trend.

The bull & bear model is based on fundamental and technical analysis of markets trends. In order to identify market trends, we use a three tier screening system.

The clients portfolio can be structured on a tax-deferred basis to eliminate current capital gains and ordinary income taxation under certain circumstances.

A minimum of $25,000 in assets are required in order to participate in the bull & bear asset management program and it is recommended as a long term approach to maximize the value of your financial portfolios.

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